Progress: Starry Night

Cross stitch progress report #3

Last week I was here:

week 2
November 3 – 9, 2018 progress – total of 11.5 hours


After 10 hours of work, I’m now here:

week 3.jpeg
November 10 – 16, 2018 – 10.25 hours of work
Progress: Starry Night

Cross stitch progress report #2: One orange stitch

Here is where I was last week:


This week I took Monday off from work so was able to put in a little extra time, a total of 11.5 hours. I got into a few lighter blues, a little yellow…. and one orange stitch!

week 2
November 3 – 9, 2018 progress – total of 11.5 hours

As I fill in this area more, I’m not sure if I’ll move down or right. At the moment, I’m thinking I’ll go down the page, then over. What do you think?

Stitch on, friends. I’ll report back soon.

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Cross stitch progress report #1: It’s Go Time

Last Saturday, I just couldn’t help myself. The house was clean and quiet. My evenweave cloth was gridded and serged. Threads neatly bobbined. It was time to start.

This week, I was able to put in just under 10 hours of work:

Progress for Saturday, October 27 – Friday, November 2, 2018.
In a week, three embroidery needles were lost and found again. Sadly, a section had to unpicked as I had made a huge mistake. Learn from me, dear stitchers!

It became very clear that I needed to mark up my pattern to be able to track where I was. All of the little squares and symbols had me cross-eyed! I spent more time figuring out where I was then stitching.

I photocopied my pattern at Staples. Problem is, the original pattern was in colour and my photocopied pattern was black and grey. I didn’t think to much of it until 25 stitches in with a new colour, I looked at the symbol key (sorry for the terrible quality but wanted to ensure no pattern was showing!):


There are four empty squares that are only full of colour! When working from a black and gray pattern, I was unable to see the colour differences. Ribbit, ribbit.

My strategy for this is to work from the colour pattern for those “blank” squares and mark off what’s been done on my copied pattern.

Another decision I’ve made is that carrying threads is for me! I tried the parking technique and it just made life more difficult. Maybe as I become more experienced I’ll try again.

That’s all for now.

Stitch on and I’ll report back later.


Additional supplies for full coverage cross stitch project

Preparing to embark on my first full coverage cross stitch project hasn’t been as daunting as I had thought. Of course, my kit¬†really helped with that.

But I wanted to share additional items that I will be using throughout this process:


  1. Project bag – I’m using an ombre denim tote/purse I got many moons ago at Target that I don’t use. It’s great because I can throw everything in, but it does still have zippered pockets to store the small bits.
  2. Hoop – I will be using a round 6″ plastic hoop.
  3. Stitch minder – I made mine from ceramic magnets, an old button and hot glue. Easy, peasy.
  4. Embroidery scissors.
  5. Extra needles.
  6. Washable marker – I can grid to my heart’s content without leaving a lasting mark.
  7. Plastic cover – to keep the pattern snug as a bug.
  8. Erasable marker – to write on the plastic cover, instead of the pattern. I think I will mark what areas I’ve done as I go, to help keep track.
  9. Paper and pen – to make notes, and record the time I spend working on this piece.

In addition, I went to my local sewing shop to get the edges of my cloth surged. Sure, I might have been able to do this- or another method- myself but I was too nervous about messing up. Best of all? They did it for free!

Report back soon.


What is in a Riolis cross stitch kit?

As I prepare to embark on my first full coverage cross stitch, I’m trying to become as organized as possible.

After seeing this post on Reddit, I knew that the Riolis cross stitch kit for Van Gogh’s Starry Night had to be mine.

Being a fairly inexperienced stitcher, a kit is a great option for me. I found my kit on

Here’s a peak inside:


  • 14 count even weave fabric, (approx. 15.5″ x 20″) – the finished piece is 11.75″ x 15.75″
  • 26 colours of wool and acrylic yarn, as well as metallic thread (not sure which is which, as of yet)
  • one needle
  • pattern and colour chart


Don’t those colours just make you want to stitch?

I have very minimal experience with cross stitch in general, much less kits so I’ve no opinion on the quality or cost effectiveness of a kit vs. “kitting it” the pattern yourself. Not yet, at least.

The beginning stitch date will likely be in November, as I’ve some gridding to do and some carpal tunnel pain to overcome. Also, I think starting on the first of the month would be a neat idea.

Report back soon.


The start of something new

Welcome to the Progress Report of an Indoorsy Woman!

Here I’ll be posting pictures and reports of my various hobbies – reading, crocheting, cross stitch- and other activities that only require one person. Aka, the best activities.

I hope you’ll say hello and come along for the journey. But lurking is great, too.

Hopefully, by recording my efforts to embrace and encourage myself to be who I am, it will help you feel happier about yourself, too.

P.S. Did anyone else get this song stuck in their head while reading the title?